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2MP 4 CCTV camera Kit Deal

Are you looking for 2MP 4 cctv camera Kit Deal for just £499 was £599 don’t miss out before offer ends.If you’d like to make your home or small business’s surroundings more secure? You’re in the proper place now. We have a large selection of 4 camera CCTV kits with a variety of features that will assist secure your home here at www.CCTV.services. With a wide range of system packages to fit different budgets from a number of the top security vendors in the globe.

Style, Type, and Specification: CCTV Camera Kit Deals have systems that can be installed both indoors and outdoors and enable night vision, depending on the characteristics you need.

Superior Image Quality: In addition to basic systems that enable HD resolution, we also offer 4K Ultra HD kits for individuals who want to record video with the maximum level of clarity for evidence used by police and the courts.

2MP 4 CCTV camera Kit Deal for just £499 was £599 don't miss out before offer ends.

2MP 4 CCTV camera Kit Deal for just £499 was £599 don’t miss out before offer ends.

You have the freedom and flexibility to establish an efficient deterrent in your personal or commercial property with our four camera CCTV systems. Each kit includes everything you need to set up an indoor or outdoor multi-channel CCTV system.

Each system normally consists of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR, 4 cameras of various sorts, and related cabling. You can choose the best camera for your location from among dome, turret, and bullet models, or you can combine several types of cameras, depending on your needs.

These four camera systems provide a range of video quality options, including digital 1080p, and even up to 4K Ultra HD for footage that is incredibly clear at 25fps. For more important applications where image clarity is crucial for gathering evidence, 4K is advised. Other common features on many models include weatherproofing, vandal resistance, and infrared (IR) night vision and even Colour at night some times known as Colour Vu.

Our four camera systems’ DVRs typically have eight channels and 1 or 2 TB of storage space, which is sufficient for many hours of data. No matter what your budget, we carry market-leading brands like Hikvision, OYN-X, Qvis, Dahua, and SPRO that offer excellent functionality and dependability as well as outstanding value.

Not everyone is familiar with all of the terminologies used in CCTV, and we at www.cctv.services are aware of this. Our friendly staff will help you choose the best CCTV system for your property at a fair price. Contact us right away to find out more about our HD 4 camera CCTV systems.

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