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hikvision colorvu

The Hikvision ColorVu technology from Hikvision assists customers in protecting persons and property by continuously taking high-quality, full-colour images with the same sharp rendering during the day as during the night. Now, when you add Hikvision ColorVu to other cutting-edge Hikvision Colourvu technology (“+”), incredible possibilities open up. In other words, incredible results by adding one and one!

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, “ColorVu+X” inspires innovation to incredible new heights and makes it possible for ever-more potent capabilities. These fantastic technologies enable cameras to produce sharp, clear images with vivid details for video evidence, improving alarm accuracy as well as smarter, faster video playback and search. To address the most prevalent security issues in homes, office buildings, parking lots, and other locations, versatile products and solutions are introduced with improved performance.

hikvision colorvu, Colour at night cameras, Colour cameras, Colour Night cameras

HikVision ColorVu technology

Images from traditional video cameras are in black and white and, under low-light conditions, can be grainy and unclear. Hikvision developed its Hikvision ColorVu technology to provide businesses with high-resolution, full-color photos even in nearly complete darkness, hence enhancing security twenty-four hours a day.

Seasons, weather, and most definitely the time of day have little bearing on security breaches. They can happen at any time, and frequently do so in the dead of night when conventional, black-and-white security cameras with infrared lighting are unable to capture events in sufficient detail to gather convincing evidence or act appropriately.

Hikvision has added ColorVu technology to its lineup of full-color cameras. Compared to standard cameras, this provides a considerably superior visual experience by delivering precisely rendered colour images with balanced brightness throughout the day and night.

The Hikvision ColorVu camera line now offers 4k cameras for a UHD experience as well as varifocal cameras for unmatched clarity. These advancements make it possible for businesses and local authorities to keep an eye on both interior and outdoor areas, spot breaches as they happen, and take immediate action to safeguard personnel and the general public.

hikvision colorvu, Colour at night cameras, Colour cameras, Colour Night cameras

hikvision colorvu

Two major technological advances—advanced F1.0 wide apertures and high-performance imaging sensors—allow cameras using ColorVu technology to capture high-definition, full-color photos in dim lighting. Additionally, the cameras employ a brand-new 3D dynamic noise reduction (DNR) technology to improve clarity at a distance, and a soft, warm supplemental light ensures that colours are preserved even in low-light conditions.

With Hikvision ColorVu, the camera line has been broadened to meet a variety of consumer needs, including those for high-performance items, inexpensive options, and clever solutions. One 4K camera in the range, for instance, offers incredibly high-definition colour imaging both during the day and at night. Hikvision 4K cameras with ColorVu can be used in a larger range of situations, such as stadiums, airports, harbours, and parking lots, where clear and high-resolution images are required, thanks to their improved image quality and richer details.

Hikvision AcuSense technology can be added to the ColorVu cameras to help discern between moving objects like animals, leaves, rain, and people. Alarms are only set off when specific types of intrusion are found, enabling security professionals to respond.

hikvision colorvu, Colour at night cameras, Colour cameras, Colour Night cameras

Cameras with ColorVu Technology

1) Perfect Colour at night images

There are many indoor and outdoor circumstances where having access to clear, full-color photographs 24 hours a day would be helpful. Examples comprise: security for outdoor areas, particularly for parks and streets

Dark environments can raise the risk of crime and make people feel frightened. Lighting on streets and in parks is rarely consistent. Local authorities can use cameras with Hikvision ColorVu technology to record full-color, high-resolution video even in dim lighting, which boosts security and enables considerably quicker response times to occurrences.

2) improved perimeter security for logistics and retail parks

Large retail and logistics parks constantly have a dilemma with perimeter security. Security staff can monitor the perimeter round-the-clock using Hikvision ColorVu technology and respond rapidly to any breaches before assets or persons are endangered. Hikvision cameras with v ColorVu can also be used in conjunction with other smart video technologies, such as AcuSense license-plate and vehicle identification, to send out automated alerts for possible security breaches.

3) Asset protection for small businesses

Small companies everywhere must safeguard their assets, especially any cars parked on the street or in driveways. Security breaches may be documented and evidence provided to the authorities because cameras using Hikvision ColorVu technology are able to capture high-resolution, full-color images 24 hours a day. This increases the likelihood that assets can be recovered and that offenders will be brought to justice.

4) Increased security at building entrances

Security at building entrances, which are occasionally dark or poorly lighted, can be considerably improved with high-resolution, full-colour photographs. Teams frequently decide to turn on the cameras’ supplemental light as an additional deterrent to a break-in or other security event, even though cameras with v ColorVu can record footage in extremely low light circumstances.

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These instances only scratch the surface of how and where Hikvision ColorVu cameras can be used to increase security and safeguard persons and property. Please click here for additional details on the Hikvision ColorVu technology.

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